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Version 4 Announcements

The pilot for HAvBED version 4 is in the works! All HAvBED Coordinators can request accounts here!

We are rolling out version 4 of HAvBED in three phases
  1. Phase 1 - Users will be able to login and test the following functionalities: submitting account request forms, entering and editing profile information, managing users (coordinators only), updating bed availability manually, and editing facility information
  2. Phase 2 - Users will be able to visualize reports, share documents with selected users, view training materials, and mapping. Additional features will also be available for the creation of sub-state regions and for system activation
  3. Phase 3 - Release of HAvBED v4 web services
Version 3 Announcements
  1. 2016 National HAvBED exercises are scheduled for May 17th – 19th. Contact havbedhelpdesk@hhs.gov with any questions.
HAvBED Version 3

HAvBED Version 3

HavBED v3 Web Service
HAvBED Version 3

Burn Assest Resources Tracking System (BARTS)
HAvBED Version 3

HAvBED V4 Pilot